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Usaid Trainee Voucher Examiner(finance/business Degree) In Pretoria


USAID Trainee Voucher Examiner(Finance/Business Degree)
Gauteng (Pretoria)
No work experience wanted as job-training is provided. To apply register and login read more below...

Minimum Requirements 

Required Qualifications:

  • A University degree in accounting, finance, or business-related field with no prior work experience. 
  • Strong working knowledge of computer spreadsheet software and accounting systems. 
  • Demonstrated proficiency in the Microsoft Suite of computer applications (including MS-Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. 
  • Level IV fluency in English - At Level IV, an employee is required to possess a high degree of proficiency in written and spoken English. 

Required Post Entry Training:
1.Completion of the following formal training courses:
i.USAID Voucher Examination Beginner and Advanced courses; 

ii.Prompt Pay Act; 

iii.USG Travel Policies, Regulations and Allowances; 

iv.E2i; and 

v.USAID University Phoenix training. 

A written test will be given to assess the candidate’s English writing skills, proficiency with Microsoft applications and general computer skills. 

USAID/Southern Africa reserves the right to hire a candidate who does not meet all the required qualifications at a trainee level position. 

Job Specification 

REF No.: 674-12-1028 

Position/Salary Range: Voucher Examiners 

FSN-08 R197,638.00 – R276,695.00 (Full Performance) 

FSN-07 R161,629.00 – R226,276.00 (Trainee Level) 

Open To: All South African citizens and residents with work permits 

Location: USAID/Southern Africa 

Regional Financial Management Office (RFMO) 


Opening: October 9, 2012 

Closing: October 23, 2012 

Work Hours: Full-Time; 40 hours/week 

USAID/Southern Africa, an equal opportunity employer, seeks applicants for the above position. 

At all Grade levels:
Payment Processing 

  • Reviews computations and discounts for accuracy, and evaluates and analyzes sources of funding for direct and host country obligations and commitments for source and sufficiency of funding.
  • Evaluates vouchers and other payment requests for required authorizations, certifications, and back-up documentation.
  • Implements procedural safeguards to ensure that improper and duplicate payments do not occur.
  • Verifies through Phoenix, that funds are available (committed and obligated). This includes project and non-project vouchers and payment requests in U.S. Dollar and multiple local currencies.
  • Prepares and documents the basis for disallowances.
  • Ensures the timeliness of approvals and payments in full compliance with the Prompt Payment Act.

2.Accounting System/Filing System 

  • Enters accounting transactions into the Phoenix system, the main source of financial management and accounting data for the Agency and Mission.
  • Reviews, analyzes and resolves any issues discovered during the voucher examination process to post appropriate disbursement accounting entries accurately to Phoenix.
  • Assists with the oversight of the document imaging operations of the Regional Financial Management Office (RFMO), maintaining updated disbursement files to ensure existence of proper support documentation for subsequent audits.

Advance Requests 

  • Assesses and evaluates advance payment requests and liquidations pursuant to OMB guidance.
  • Compares past expenditure rates with advance balances and additional advance requests for approval.
  • Communicates with contractors, grant officials, vendors and employees both orally and in writing, to provide guidance on the Agency’s voucher requirements and verbal follow-ups on overdue advances and communicates directly with contractors and grantees.
  • Reconciles actual and cumulative disbursements as recorded in Phoenix with reports submitted by grantees and contractors.


  • Serves as a travel voucher expert for the Mission, fully versed in the operation of Travel Manager (E2).


  • Communicates directly, both orally and in writing, with contractors, grantees, vendors, government officials, cooperative agreement holders, and mission personnel concerning voucher preparation and processing status, including clarifications and justifications, the basis of disallowances, and payment delays.
  • Researches and responds to special requests for technical payment information.
  • Investigates outstanding payment issues and takes appropriate action, as necessary, to expedite processing.
  • Develops special analysis and reports as required.

Other Duties and Responsibilities 

The incumbent performs other duties as assigned such as:

  • Works on small special projects or assignments as required (VAT processing, medical claims and bills for collection).
  • May serve as the back-up supervisory voucher examiner in his/her absence.
  • Backstops other voucher examiners on leave status.
  • Develops special analysis and reports as requested by mission management, contractors, and grantees.
  • Performs duties as assigned by his/her supervisor.

The incumbent is responsible for operating USAID information systems and information security to a level of “Separation of Duties”, “Individual Accountability” and “Need to Know” as defined in ADS 545.3.2.1 and below: 

Separation of Duties - That an individual does not have the authority to complete an entire process (multiple independent actions), such that each action acts as a "check" on other actions within the process. This "compartmentalizes" the independent actions, and decreases an individual's ability to perform multiple actions or to complete the entire process, which may result in a security breach. 

Individual Accountability - That an individual is solely responsible for his or her actions. He or she may be required to explain and defend those actions to organizational authorities that can impose penalties against misuse or abuse of authorized actions. 

Need to Know - That an individual, in the performance of his or her duties, has the requirement to access specific information, which would otherwise not be accessible to him or her. He or she must protect the information, using safeguards appropriate to its Sensitivity level, to ensure that other individuals who do not have an access requirement or authorization do not access it. 

This position is open to all South African citizens and residents with the required work permits. 

The Voucher Examiner will be compensated in accordance with the U.S. Mission to South Africa’s Local Compensation Plan (LCP). 

You can also apply the following ways including online:

  1. Hand-Deliver:
    USAID/Southern Africa
    100 Totius Street
  1. Courier/Mail Service (to reach USAID before closing date for submissions):
    USAID Southern Africa
    100 Totius Street
    PO Box 43


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