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How to Make TolaJOB Remind You To Apply for Learnerships?

How to apply for learnerships?

"OH! My Gosh! I forgot to apply!" Let TolaJOB Remind You to Apply for Jobs!

WATCH SHORT VIDEO NOW! Learn how to set a Learnership Closing Date Reminder!

Copy & Pasted from YouTube

Please use the tools we provide you to make career seeking easier for you like the closing date reminder, so you do not forget to apply for a learnership, job, apprenticeship and internship.

  1. You need to make sure that you have logged in to TolaJOB app here, go to any job and press Set Apply Reminder!
  2. Press the button in the screen "Remind Me To Apply"
  3. Well done! You will be reminded to apply by Email, Twitter and/or Facebook!
Friend, now go look at learnerships with 'fresh reading eyes', this time on each learnership, job and bursary read the section there "How to apply?" :) Start your job seeking now!

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