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»How to Find Jobs and Learnerships Online?

How to Find Jobs and Learnerships?

These days most jobs come out in the internet or online only, learn to find jobs online!

WATCH SHORT VIDEO! Learn to search for jobs online now!

PLEASE READ! These days most jobs come out only in the internet than newspapers, learning to search for jobs online is an important skill to learn in order to find employment.

  1. First thing go to a job site like, on many job sites there is always a search box where you type what job you want, at TolaJOB we have such a search box and it is titled "What you want?".
  2. Type what you looking for in that "search box", for example, "electrician", "learnership" or "fitter"(without the quotes).
  3. Press the button SEARCH NOW and you should see a list of jobs and other opportunities for you.
  4. Well done!

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