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How to Get A Free Gmail Email Address?

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What is an Email Address?

How To Get A Free Email Address To Use To Apply For Jobs Online?

  1. First thing! Go to the web site (press button) to create your free email address.
  2. Fill that form with your name and surname.
  3. Choose an email address you like, for instance, type your full names in that box 'choose your username', don't put spaces between words only "." allowed, so if your name is Gladys Gumede then you can type 'gladys.gumede' (without the quotes) and your email address then will be ''
  4. Fill the rest of that form to the end, but leave that box named Your current email address.
  5. Press the register/continue button to get your Free Gmail email address :)
  6. To check your email messages go to and login using the email address you created, for example '' as username and the password you created, or you can also download the Gmail app which will notify of new email messages also :)
  7. Well done! Now you can use your new email address to register at job websites when you apply on-line for jobs, and employers can send you messages to your email address too :)
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