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Sab-miller Shunter Learnership In Caledon


SAB-Miller Shunter Learnership

Sab-miller Shunter Learnership in Caledon

Western Cape (Caledon)
Qualifications wanted:
Matric/Grade 12

The South African Breweries is looking for a Shunter in Caledon, to assist with the safe movement and correct positioning of rail trucks on site and the discharge of all barley hopper trucks as required, as well as to co-ordinate silo labourers and with the drawing of samples from rail trucks, loading of malt trucks and ensuring high standards of safety and housekeeping in the work environment. 


  • Matric with maths
  • Potential/Capacity for learning

Competence Requirements

  • Performs safe shunting
  • Ensures that points are in correct position before movement of rail trucks commences.
  • Ensures all personnel cleared off line.
  • Ensures trucks are properly positioned for weighing and offloading.
  • Ensures that vacuum system on trucks is used for shunting.
  • Ensures that railway line is clean to prevent derailment.

Output and Accountabilities

  • Ensures efficient offloading of bulk malt without causing any contamination 
  • Ensures that intake hopper is clean and dry and ready to receive barley.
  • Ensures that truck is properly positioned on hopper before opening slides.
  • Opens barley truck slides and checks for contamination by taking a hand sample and visually inspecting it.
  • Ensures that trucks are correctly positioned on weighbridge to ensure accurate weighing at all times.
  • Ensures that the intake hopper is full enough at all times to maintain 90 tonnes per hour intake.
  • Ensures that truck is completely empty before moving off hopper and closes all outlet slides.
  • Performs Barley Sampling
  • Draws barley samples as per procedure.
  • Performs Bulk Malt Loading
  • Assists with rail bulk malt loading together with Silo Labourers.
  • Performs loading of bulk road trucks and containers.
  • Responsible for safety and housekeeping in area of responsibility
  • Ensures that barley intake and malt despatch areas are kept clean and free of spillage at all times, ensuring a clean and pleasant work environment.

Additional Information

The advert has minimum requirements listed. Management reserves the right to use additional / relevant information ascriteria for short-listing. Interested applicants, who meet the above employee specifications, should please apply in writingto:


BY NO LATER THAN 03 October 2014



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